Welcome and Thank You for visiting Gretchen Kelley photography! As a woman who's been shaped by a variety of dynamic people and experiences in her life, Gretchen has come to find such encounters invaluable. Gretchen Kelley Photography is an extension of this important belief. It is through the lens that Gretchen captures some of the most precious, exhilarating and critical moments life has to offer. Whether it's the dab of drool dripping off a baby's chin, a tear that slips down the bride's cheek as she heads down the aisle, or the energy that pulsates through the musician's fingers, into his guitar and over his audience, Gretchen Kelley photography will not just capture the images, but will share in the emotion of such amazing moments. It is the belief of Gretchen Kelley Photography that in this genuine sharing, true photographs are created.